About Us

The main profile of Nerd Party Budapest is offering unique entertainment options other than regular programs for bachelor groups and Erasmus students, most of them are not available to other programming companies. Our goal is to surpass the range of "stag do" programs all over Europe, giving new meaning to spending time of our lovely groups in Budapest. We believe that every man has a small nerd in the interior, who would be not fanatically fan of classical sci-fi, video games, fighting vehicle weapons, racing cars, role-playing games? Everyone had an age (or just now), the beautiful memories of these years can now be re-emerged. We will redirect you to games and fun-filled carefree lives!

Why choose Us?

  • We have been dealing with programming groups for about 5 years, so we have the experience of making your stay unforgettable. We do not want to be a company that can break down one group after another, but we really strive to achieve the highest satisfaction with care and regard. So when you return home, you will have the slightest smile on your face how much you liked this city.
  • We can fulfill any specific request (within the limits of reasoning - and sometimes outside).
  • We provide full service with transfer and guided tours.
  • We love Budapest, so we will show you all the wonderful sights with a sincere smile!