General Info

This is a really private experience for nerds! Play in a giant, empty movie theater with a PS or Xbox console on the huge screen! Each nerds go crazy for the bigger screen,but this surpasses all ideas, the whole room is only and exclusively for You! The following games will be available for you: Xbox One: Fifa17, Fifa 18, F1 2016, Mortal Kombat XL, PS4: Fifa17, Fifa18, Tekken 7, F1 2016, F1 2017, COD Advanced Warfare, Mortal Kombat XL, Little Big Planet 3, Xbox 360: Fifa 17, Fifa 18, COD Ghosts, Halo ODST, Forza 3, Mortal Kombat Complete Edition, PS3: Fifa 17, Fifa 18, GranTurismo 6, COD Modern Warfare 2.

Package Contents

- 2 or 3 hours will be the whole cinema is yours,

- use all of the consoles and games listed,

- 4 controllers,

- Wifi availability.


140 € / 2 hours
195 € / 3 hours

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