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One of the best escorts of aggravated aggression and unnecessary energies is the shooting with a real weapon! Experience what it feels like when the cool grip of a gun or machine gun is between your hands and it only waits for your fingertips to fly away. Try many different types of weapons, surely there is something which was one of your favorite shooting games.

Package contents

Package 1: 60 shots with the following weapons: Beretta M 92 FS INOX, VZ 61 Scorpion, Jericho 941 FB, Glock 17, Uzi.

Package 2: 90 shots with the following weapons: AK47, Desert Eagle, Remington 870, SIG-Sauer P 226, Jericho 941 FB, Ruger SR 1911, AMD 65.

Package 3: 111 shots with the following weapons: Barrett M99, M4, M16, STEYR AUG, BENELLI M4, SMITH AND WESSON 500, AK47, and all pistols in packs 1 and 2.


Package 1: 100 € / person
Package 2: 180 € / person
Package 3: 250 € / person

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