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Come to the dark side and play bubble football in UV light. A fantasy world of science fiction has been added to a fun bubble football experience, so you can find yourself in a new world in seconds. The site is unique and specially-designed only one in Hungary and even in the world, where the cage track illuminated by only UV-light highlights all information from the full darkness what needed for the players – but nothing more. Of course, besides the visual experience the spectacular collisions are the main role, which works a diaphragm muscle group the most.

Package contents

- Bubble sports equipments,

- UV active sportswear (sports scarf, trousers, jersey),

- UV track rental fee,

- UV active body paints, on your skin It will also phosphorescate (easily washable),

- high performance bluetooth-connected music player,

- complete referee - with an animator in English,

- 1 round of beer for the whole team.


25 € / person / hour

Minimum 1 hour game can be booked

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