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As a Stag Party operator we are required to have terms and conditions, these protect us as well as you, therefore please read these carefully. If we didn't have them we wouldn't be acting professionally, so it's important and beneficial. It should give you confidence in our professionalism and also your protection.

We aim to provide a unique and memorable experience for the modern man.

We do the best we can to handle the terms of service in the most flexible way to keep a good relationship with the Customer.


The terms and conditions detailed below concern the contract made between on the one hand – The person making the booking and representing the group (hereinafter: Customer) and on the other hand – Futballon Kft., registered under European VAT no. HU24729134 and with its registered seat at 20. Elnök street, 1089 Budapest, Hungary (hereinafter: Futballon) together mentioned as Parties.



The contract is governed by Hungarian law as Budapest is the destination of travel. Both sides accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court in Hungary and render any dispute in connection with the contract hereunder.



  1. The reservation has been made and confirmed when the Customer has made an effective deposit payment. Once Futballon has received the payment and sends a confirmation e-mail to the Customer. This document confirms the booking.
  2. Upon booking Futballon assumes that the Customer represents the relevant group and that he and his group understands and accepts Futballon’s terms of service and privacy policy.
  3. After the payment of the deposit, the remaining amount will be paid in Cash in EUR or in HUF on arrival at the venue.
  4. By default the deposit amount is at least 10% of the total amount but the Futballon reserves the right to charge different amounts if it is necessary for activities or reservations.
  5. The full amount must be paid to the Futballon representative on arrival or at the first meeting before the start of the first activity.
  6. Please note, no separate payments are accepted, the payments in local currency can be only accepted on the exchange rate quoted by National Bank of Hungary on the particular day. Without the payment of the remaining balance Futballon reserves the right to suspend the provision of services until settlement of the above.


  1. Any modifications that may be required are based on the exclusive discretion of Futballon, Futballon reserves the right to refuse the amendment.
  2. If a change is required, the price of the modified package will be recalculated based on actual prices.
  3. Serious changes to the size of the group are treated as cancellations and new quotes are provided for each Futballon service.
  4. Any sales incentives (discounts) or additional services added to the package that may have applied to the original package may be lost, and will be at the discretion of Futballon to apply them to the modified package.




  1. This section regards complete or partial cancellation of activities.
  2. Any cancellation must be done in writing.
  3. Prior to deposit payment (booking confirmation) any cancellation is free of charge.
  4. If the Customer cancels any activity after deposit payment (booking confirmation), the deposit will be lost in all cases.
  5. Cancellation fees are vary by program.
  6. For all cancellation we charge a handling fee, it is 5% of the total cost.
  7. Please note we reserve the right to cancel your event and retain your deposit if you fail to pay the full balance by the date notified to you at the time of booking




  1. The prices on Futballon’s website are indicative and do not serve as an official offer. Futballon guarantees the prices stated in the relevant price offer within the period of validity. It is the discretion of Futballon to state the price offer’s period of validity.
  2. Futballon uses dynamic prising, which means that all the prices quoted in the official bid are based on the size of the group and they may vary accordingly. Smaller groups may receive a higher personal cost than larger groups for the same activity.
  3. Futballon guarantees the availability and price of the services offered in the bid.
  4. The prices are indicated in HUF or EUR and payment shall be made in the currency agreed in the price offer. Payments in local currency (HUF) can only be accepted on the daily exchange rate of booking’s day.
  5. Futballon can not be held responsible for any charges made by account holder’s bank in connection with the bank transfer.
  6. Holiday and or personal insurance is not included in the price of the program unless otherwise stated
  7. Unless otherwise stated on the quote the payment does not include the cost of drinks, food, admission, parking charges, concierge or porterage charges, fees, corkage charges, contributions and / or any other items that are not directly referred to on the booking confirmation
  8. The Customer accepts responsibility for paying for all members of the booking party
  9. Failure to make payment on the due dates will entitle Futballon to cancel the contract without penalty and to treat such failure as a cancellation by the Customer, in which case cancellation charges will apply from the date the payment became due




  1. The Customer shall obey accommodation rules and policies. Futballon can not be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by violation of these.
  2. The Customer accepts responsibility towards the accommodation itself upon receiving the keys and accepts to meet the criteria set by the management. The guidelines can be read at the reception area of the accommodation or the room itself.
  3. As an acceptance of these guidelines, some management companies require an additional deposit from the Customer as a guarantee in the form of cash or a credit card guarantee. In the latter case, no amounts are withdrawn from the card.
  4. If during the stay the rules of the accommodation are violated seriously, the management companies reserve the right to evict the Customer and its group without refunding. This is at the absolute discretion of the management of the accommodation, Futballon cannot be held liable for these.
  5. At the end of the stay, any deposit paid previously will be refunded if there is no damage, loss to the property and no rules were violated during the stay.




  1. If the group arrives at the agreed place more than 30 minutes later, Futballon reserves the right to cancel the activity without refund.
  2. In case of delays affecting the scheduling, Futballon can not be held responsible.




  1. Futballon is obliged to provide the services the Customer orders and confirms according to the payment conditions. Futballon shall provide the services according to the schedule and the description detailed in the price offer. Futballon is a broker agent in terms of accommodation and activities and thus not the direct supplier. In that sense Futballon can only assume liability for errors, omissions made during booking caused by the negligence of Futballon’s direct employees and not of its agents and suppliers.
  2. Futballon doesn’t accept responsibility for the failing of the suppliers to comply with safety, hygienic or other standards set by the local authorities.
  3. During provision of the activities, it is the full responsibility of the supplier to perform according to the description provided by itself previously.
  4. In certain cases the suppliers are providing disclaimer forms and by signing these the Customer and the participants of the group accept the rules and takes full responsibility when participating.
  5. Futballon can not be held responsible for any loss, damage, personal injury, harm or death caused by any activity provided. This dispute shall be solved between the Customer and the supplier.
  6. In case of safety instructions being introduced by the personnel of the supplier or the representative of Futballon, it is the responsibility of the Customer to follow those. Any substantial breach of these excludes the liability of Futballon for the damage, loss arising from the negligent behavior of the Customer.
  7. Furthermore Futballon or the supplier reserves the right to terminate the service in case of substantial breach of 9.f.
  8. All responsibility for any loss, damage, personal injury, harm or death resulting from the provision of the activity rests with the Customer and the supplier, Futballon excludes itself from the above.
  9. Futballon reserves the right to change supplier without any consultation, if this fact does not affect the services provided by in a negative manner. If the activity itself or the supplier is a threat to Customer’s health, safety or life. In this case Futballon shall offer alternatives of the same quality and price. If Futballon is not able to offer at least one alternative of the same quality and price Futballon is obliged to refund the Customer for the relevant activity.
  10. Threat of war, riots, natural catastrophes, terrorist activities are all factors amounting to force majeure and will exclude liability of Futballon for any cancellation or modification of the booked activities in relation to the above.




  1. After deposit payment Customer is obliged to pay the remaining balance upon arrival in cash in agreed currency to one of Futballon’s representatives. Further on, Customer shall appear on dates and times stated in the schedule.
  2. Customers are deemed to have accepted the code of conduct (which they will receive after booking) when making the booking, have read the conditions and are obliged to follow the guidelines in it along with every instruction of a Futballon representative serving the correct provision of the service.
  3. In case of 30 minutes or longer delay of Customer Futballon reserves the right to cancel the activity without refunding the Customer, to begin the activity without the full number of group, or if this is not possible to cancel the activity.
  4. Safety rules and instructions presented by Futballon’s representative, guide or supplier shall without any exception be obeyed. Breach of or not complying to this obligation might cause interruption or cancellation of the activity.
  5. Customer is obliged to show respectful and cooperative conduct against Futballon’s representatives, guides, suppliers and any third parties involved. In case this obligation is being violated in any manner Futballon’s representatives, guides and suppliers has the right to leave the group, to interrupt or to cancel the activity. If the Customer or any of the participants of the group offend any of Futballon’s representatives, guides, suppliers or third party involved the representatives, guides and/ or suppliers all has the right to interrupt or cancel the activity. In the cases mentioned above Futballon has the right to refuse provision of further activities without making any refund to the Customer.
  6. In case the Customer causes damage or injury any of Futballon’s representatives, guide, suppliers or third parties involved the representatives, guide or suppliers has the right to interrupt or cancel the activity immediately without any refund to the Customer. If any of the cases mentioned above occurs Futballon has the right to refuse provision of further activities without any refund to the Customer. Customer shall compensate the damage or injury caused, Futballon can not be held responsible for damage or injury caused by Customer and participant(s) of the group.




  1. Futballon by itself or its Suppliers reserve the right to cancel or end the program with immediate effect at any stage, with no liability of reimbursement, if the behaviour of the Customer or that of any person associated with the Customer is likely in the opinion of Futballon or its Suppliers to cause distress, loss and damage to property, danger to or to annoy,  and or offend other clients, customers, guests or other members of the Customer, employees, general public, property or anyone else.
  2. Rude and aggressive behavior towards any Futballon employee or Supplier will not be tolerated and may result in package cancellation.
  3. If the Customer is found to be behaving in a way that results in affecting the standard performance and or presentation of Futballon’s Suppliers and enjoyment / experience of other clients, guests, groups the Customer will be required to leave the premises with immediate effect - if this is the case the Program will be immediately terminated and the Customer will immediately forfeit all costs and any right to compensation, whether or not the Program has been completed, and will be liable for any compensation sought by Futballon and or its Suppliers. 
  4. If the Customer is prevented from travelling because any person in authority reasonably believes any member of the Customer appears to be unfit to travel or likely to cause discomfort to or disturb other clients, Futballon will not be liable to complete the Program arrangements, and will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any other costs incurred by the Customer. 
  5. Futballon cannot accept liability for the behaviour of others in your accommodation / venues and /or taking part in any activity and /or event, associated and or in the same environment forming part of the program, or if any facilities or services are removed as a result of their action. 
  6. The Client on behalf of the group accepts that in most instances members of the Customer will be required to sign agreement forms and or provide an additional services, loss and damage to property and or behaviour deposit/bond/guarantee. Any costs (including damage) that remain unsettled after Customer departure will automatically be charged against the deposit/bond/guarantee. In the case of insufficient deposit/bond/guarantee the Customer will be pursued for recovery of the full amount and any expenses incurred, including time and administration, in pursuing recovery. In the instances of any damage or payment obligations Futballon will forward all Customer details to any relevant Supplier for direct contact.  As noted above, the Customer accepts that the Futballon is not onsite at the time of booking and therefore not witness to any deposit disputes. Any disputes must be addressed locally between the Customer and the Supplier directly.




  1. Futballon considers it essential that all members of the Customer have adequate insurance. Please note that it is the Customer’s express responsibility to ensure that cover matches the Booking Party's requirements. On the Customer's acceptance and confirmation of their Program, Futballon are entitled to assume that the Customer is fully aware of their responsibility and their insurance policy (and those of the Booking Party) fully, adequately and appropriately covers all the activities, accommodation, travel, services and events within and associated to the program. 




  1. It is the responsibility of the Customer to report any complaint or immediate notification to the service provider and / or a Futballon’s representative. By failing to do so, it is the decision of Futballon to deal with the claim.
  2. Futballon will always try to resolve the issue on the spot.
  3. In case reporting the issue on the spot is not possible due to the nature of the incident, the client is expected to submit the claim in writing to complaints at stagemporium com as soon as the opportunity arises, no later than a month after the incident.
  4. If there are any complaints about the program these must be communicated immediately to Futballon or its Suppliers who will endeavour to put things right to avoid it from ruining any part of the program. It is strongly recommended that you communicate any complaint directly to the Supplier of the services whilst at the location as well as to our representative, in the case of Futballon by telephone during stated to +36 30 383 3300.




  1. Deposit / Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable in any circumstances, so please only book if you are absolutely sure.
  2. The Customer will be responsible for all damages / breakages and loss to property and these must be reported immediately and any associated bill must be paid immediately, onsite and directly to the Supplier
  3. Group Size Implications - Please note that should the group not meet the minimum group size required to run the event then it may be treated as cancelled
  4. Customer Service - If any of the above is unclear or you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact us on +36 30 383 3300.